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Flagship Data Center  - Qnet Songjiang Datacenter

Relying on the development of G60 High-tech Corridor (an alliance of nine major cities in the Yangtze River Delta), Shanghai Qnet Network Co., Ltd. has teamed up with Open Source Big Data Institute to develop this data center. This project is a flagship data center of Qnet which invested, built and operated by international professional team.

  • The largest brand-new data center available in the southwest of Shanghai.Located at the core of the G60 High-tech Corridor, serving as infrastructure for enterprises and government institutions.
  • Has started operation in January 2019.
  • Self-owned data center with international standard level management services, built to be independent and physically separated from outside environment.

Innovative design, high-standard construction

  • Passed Uptime Tier III design certification and CQC Class A computer room certification
  • Integrate the original IBM team, re-polishing every detail with design and operation experience
  • A continuous open channel design,  PDI PowerWave 2 ™ flexibly distribute power to racks
         High construction investment, low maintenance and operations cost, all about the future operational security           of  our customers
  • Design PUE of standard module lower than 1.47 (Full load) 
  • Innovation: air side free cooling with heat pipe technology
         The average annual PUE of the module with this innovative technology is less than 1.2
         Making it possible for data centres to meet stringent government energy-efficiency requirements
         Maximum energy conservation optimization is even considered for illumination and daylighting
  • Elaborate color matching management
         All the colors in the Data Center have been carefully selected, striving to make the maintenance and operations to be rational and visually comfortable.

Efficient operation and management

  • Physical security Green energy-saving management and personnel security management can be achieved through IoT intelligent management system
  • Through the comprehensive combination of PDA, ECC, and DC-Mind Management system, DC-Mind self-service and M&O services provides fully covered monitoring and management.
  • Cooperating with CBRE to jointly manage the data center 
         Comprehensively improving customer experience, integrating and promoting mutual management experience, to lead the new mode of digital real estate management.
  • Meeting customer needs based on compliance requirements
         Uptime M&O certification
         ISO 9001,14001,45001,20000,27001
         Information system security level three certification
         GBT33136-2016 Information technology service—Maintenance service capability maturity model

Product and service

  • Exterior resources access - China's three biggest telecom carriers and other third party providers
  • Internet data center interconnection, KDDI, Chayora
  • Cloud computing platform interconnection, Amazon, Aliyun, Tencent Cloud