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Trip of CDCC Expert Group to the Data Center

time : 2020-07-14

source : Shanghai Qnet

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Trip of CDCC Expert Group to the Data Center

On June 16, 2020, a visiting team of CDCC experts arrived at Qnet Data Center Park in Songjiang District, Shanghai. “It has long been heard that this is the first industry 4.0 big data industrial park of intelligent-type in China, from which the intelligent manufacturing enterprises in this region would obtain more reliable services of data collection, processing, mining and analysis.” In spite of the experts have visited many data centers, ever one of them were amazed by the machine room of the data center in front of them.

Into the hall of the data center, once again, the staff conducted temperature measurement and security check on the visitors. Passing through the anti-trailing door, the visiting team came to the machine room area. The ground is as clean and tidy as spotless; inside the cold channel, intelligent lighting is installed on both sides at an oblique 45-degree angle, intelligent miniature bus above the cabinet replaced the traditional array cabinet, red and blue color matching supplemented by the bright yellow of the fiber optic slot, which is brilliant and vivid. What’s amazing is that everything one could see is particularly exquisite, that even the tiny details such as the signs on the ground would impress the visitors. Cabinets and cables, which sound like typical engineering words, and industrial materials that should look lifeless, seem to be assigned with styles here, making the machine room of the data center that is industrial nature full of Nordic style.


With a total construction area of 21, 800 square meters, the industrial park has two independent data centers, with a total of 3, 380 cabinets and more than 20 module units in the first phase, it can provide enormous computing capacity of more than 60, 000 servers. The project has passed national A-level certification, international Uptime® Tier III certification as well as Uptime® M&O certification.


Around environment conservation and energy saving in many systems, Qnet data center is optimized to create an environmentally friendly data center. A large-scale centralized chilled water system is used in the air conditioning system, centrifugal chillers and plate type heat exchanger for natural cooling are installed in the refrigeration station. The chilling water pipeline does not adopt bright red, yellow and blue colors like other data centers, but is based on blue and gray, which is chastened and sedate, and is also easy to identify and manage on the other hand. Some of the module-type machine rooms adopted the eat pipe type indirect evaporative cooling AHU, with the air conditioning equipment installed on the roof, and the air is sent back to the machine room through the air duct. The machine room adopts the way of hot channel blockade and ceiling returning hot air. The unit can switch operation in dry and wet modes, which can greatly reduce PUE. Between the two buildings of the data center, experts saw two towering giant storage tanks that could meet the IT load with uninterrupted cooling duration of up to 2 hours. Taking advantage of the peak and valley electricity pricing policy, the operating costs were greatly saved, and serves as the storage of the cooling water at the same time. Outdoor diesel generator set is adopted, full load backup time is not less than 20 hours.


With the operation goal of the data center to provide high-quality, high-availability machine room rental hosting services, Qnet Data Center especially attaches importance to the development of the overall operation and management system as well as customer service system. The data center has built an integrated management service system, independently researched and developed the DC-Mind integrated operation and maintenance management platform, optimization and improvement have been made in the aspects of the quality of operation and maintenance data, the ability of data analysis, the efficiency of judgment and processing, the influence of human factors, and the coordination of various operation and maintenance resources. Taking account of cost efficiency, service quality, operation and maintenance security and other dimensions to promote the overall refined management in an electronic and automated way. By way of IoT management to realize IoT integration and integrated linkage as well as refined management.


Due to the influence of the typhoon, there has just been a heavy rain in Shanghai, so that the weather is cool and everything is in good order. The lovely green lawn overspreading the industrial park, the dark exterior walls of the data center, metallic colored cold accumulation cans and diesel engine equipment, all present a harmonious and exquisite industrial beauty that is naturally unfolded in front of the visiting team, which have constituted a data center full of style.