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Qnet Songjiang Datacenter awarded 2018 Data Center Industry Project Excellence Award

time : 2019-03-20

source : DCS Marketing

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Qnet Songjiang Datacenter awarded 2018 Data Center Industry Project Excellence Award

  On March 20, 2019, the 2018 (10th) China Excellent Data Center Summit Forum, hosted by the Data Center Branch of China Computer Users Association (CCDC-CCUA), was convened at the China National Convention Center in Beijing. With the theme of “Adhering to the real economy to promote high-quality development”, the conference announced the findings of its 10th annual Data Center Survey, and released the 2018 ranking of excellent data center projects and the 2018 top 30 China Computer Room (Data Center) Engineering Enterprieses. Among the awards of the year, Qnet Songjiang Datacenter was awarded 2018 Data Center Industry Project Excellence Award.

  As China’s most influential platform for information exchange and professional consulting of technology and management in the data center field, the Data Center Branch of China Computer Users Association (CCDC-CCUA) conducted a strict assessment of the construction projects of hundreds of Computer Room (Data Center) engineering enterprises throughout the country, and further selected and awarded outstanding projects of the year. The purpose of the awards is to attract more attention to the engineering quality and technology innovations. Detailed standards have been formulated in all aspects of the process, from application to expert invitation, and then to the scoring process. It is noteworthy that only outstanding projects with excellence on specific aspects are honored under strict standards.

  Qnet Songjiang Datacenter is located in Songjiang district of Shanghai, with a total construction area of 22, 000 square meters. This project is a flagship data center of Qnet which invested, built and operated by international professional team. The implementation is undertaken by the professional construction company  Shanghai BlueBodi Intelligent Engineering co., Ltd, formerly known as the IBM’s Global Technology Services (GTS). Buildings of the project adopts double tower design, with five floors above ground, having a total of over 3000 standard server cabinets constructed, the application scale is about 60, 000 IT equipment. The Data center is planned to include the reception hall, machine room area, office area, power distribution area, oil engine backup power area, etc.

  Recently, Qnet Songjiang Datacenter has obtained the design certification of Uptime Tier III and also get the Class A Certification by CQC (China Quality Certification Center), the equivalent of Uptime Certification in China. It is a highly reliable, energy-saving, efficient and intelligent data center, and also It is an energy saving, efficient, intelligent data center of high reliability, and also the only brand-new Tier III certified data center in Shanghai with available space.

  In this appraisal, Qnet Songjiang Datacenter won the 2018 Data Center Industry Project Excellence Award for its excellent construction technology and management. During the construction, new construction concepts and planning ideas are introduced, the functions are perfected, and the continuous upgrading and expansion have been taking into account, so as to enables the overall platform to achieve high scalability. In the future, with customer-centric as always, we will provide customers with higher quality services to meet the service requirements, and to be the most reliable and trusted data center service provider.