Trusted Infrastructure Lifecycle Expert

DC-Mind  Intelligent 


Qnet has independently developed the integrated intelligent management platform DC-Mind, which enables operators to manage and monitor plan capacity, assets and changes, and monitor power, environment and energy usage, etc. Through real-time analnalyzing, we can provide energy consumption recommendations and realize self-testing, thus to reduce the cost and improve the quality and efficiency of maintenance and operation of data center.

Data Center Development 

and Operations

Qnet provides professional data center development and operation solutions and services, including lifecycle planning and consulting, fully-covered ‘butler service’of development and operations. With rich experience, Qnet is a one-stop provider for data center solutions including development and operations.

Qnet  Songjiang  

        Data  Center         

Qnet has built the largest brand-new data center – Qnet Songjiang Data Center available in the Southwest of Shanghai. The data center has passed the design  and M&O certification of Uptime Tier III and also got the Class A Certification by CQC. It provides multiple carrier network connectivity access and BGP connectivity as well as customized solutions for connectivity & Bandwidth.



Qnet owns excellent portfolio of telecommunications resources in China, supporting clients’ connectivity needs with multiple carrier network connectivity options. High-availability core network architecture provides redundant lines, supports safe and reliable operation guarantee, and meets the needs of users in various situations.

Qnet Networking (Shanghai Qnet Networking Technology Co., Ltd), founded in 2014, experts in Data Center Investment, Management, Maintenance & Operation business.


Qnet possesses IDC VATS Permit (Internet Data Center Value Added Telecom Service Permit), IDC & ISP license, in most first-tier cities all aroundin China. Relying on the advantage of its parent company Shanghai DC-Science Co., Ltd, Qnet consolidates all resources to explore IDC investment, development, operation business. It provides a full range of services in cluding data center, colocation and interconnection services.


Parent companyShanghai DC-Science Co., Ltd established  and became one of the advanced high-tech enterprises in Shanghai Zhangjiang High-tech Industrial Development Zone in 2013. It owns two subsidiaries namely Bluebodi (Shanghai Blue Bodi Intelligent Engineering co., Ltd) and Qnet (Shanghai Qnet Networking Technology Co., Ltd).

About Us

IDC / ISP Operating License

IDC / ISP License

Qnet provides IDC, ISP services in most first-tier cities all around China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Canton, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Yangzhou and Chengdu.


IDC investment

Extensive resources, diversified development model, and the ability of quick deployment to self-built data centers drive Qnet to embrace intelligence and big data and provide source power for business innovation and intelligence.


IDC development

High standard infrastructure configuration, strict quality control system, comprehensive project management, and professional team are built to create an efficient and reliable IDC.


IDC operations

Self-developed operation management platform, and accumulated experience of domestic and foreign operation management enable Qnet to  deliver reliable and efficient data center operation management services.

Business Scope